Tanning Tips

We recommend that all customers read this section of our site. It's our goal to educate our clients about keeping their new tan looking great and maintaining a healthy, beautiful and radiant skin tone. Follow our easy steps to prepare for and maintain a longer laster, even, natural looking tan.

Sunless Tanning Tips

 Many of us experienced getting a color treatment on our hair and know that the better the condition of your hair, the better the color treatment will look. Skin absorbs sunless solution similarly to hair. Proper skin maintenance is essential to having a flawless looking vibrant tan instead of an uneven dull tan. Everyone’s skin sheds naturally, but not evenly. To prepare for your sunless tan, exfoliate your skin a day or two in advance and make sure that your skin is clean and free from any applied barriers like lotions creams and make up immediatly prior to your sunless session. This will help prepare your skin for our sunless tanning solution.
All airbrush tanning done at Future Tan Midtown NYC is personalized and individually crafted to suit your look and skin type. Our experienced sunless experts will consult with you and determine the right color tone for you skin type to give you a flawless and perfectly balanced look. Just like my hair colorist has explained to me that, I should keep my hair color choices within two shades of my natural color, so that I choose later to let it grow off it doesn’t look completely two -tone...the same rule should be followed when sunless tanning. 
 After your sunless session wait at least an hour before bathing. For every hour after up to 12 hours your sunless tan will continue to darken. Most clients seem to either shower after 4 hours or the following morning. For your first shower after your spray tan do not use soap or harsh shower gels that can dry and strip your skin and remove your tan. Just rinse your skin in warm water till it runs off clear. Then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Of course we have our favorite tan - maintaining lotions that we both use and sell . But you don’t  have to buy our products to keep your tan looking great. Be conscious about what you purchase, read labels and be religious about using it. Always moisturize immediately after your shower before you have fully dried. And because skin doesn’t  shed evenly on it’s own, consider keeping your self an exfoliating schedule of every 3-5 days so that your airbrush or spray tan will fade more evenly .

General Tanning Tips

Please do NOT apply any sunscreen to your skin on the day your plan to tan. We will adjust the tan time to suit you. It's OK to use a Sun-Block for Tattoos or Scars.

Before tanning in any U.V tanning machine take a few minutes to do the following:

  • Remove all jewelry and/or time pieces.
  •  Cleanse your skin to remove facial make up, fragance/perfume, and anti-persperant.
  •  Liberally apply your favorite indoor tanning lotion to all of your skin 
  • Always wear eye protection. 
.To extend the life of your tan and maintain its glow use a moisturizing body wash. A gentle exfoliater and always moisturizing immediately after while skin is still damp.

Tanning at Future Tan Midtown

Please arrive early enough for you to make your personal pre-tan preparations and still start your tanning session on time. If you made an appointment and can no longer keep it, please call us at 212-869-4700. We wont be mad!
  • We have a fully stocked Beauty Bar for you to freshen up after your tan. 
  • When you purchase an indoor tanning lotion from us, we will store it for you for up to 9 months. No need to worry about forgetting your favorite lotion.
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